Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Haven't broken the full circle . . .

I had impressed my Philosophy/Theology professor with a paper I had done and when it was time to submit yet another report I kind of disappointed him. He asked me to stay behind and gave me a talk that lasted 2-3 minutes . . . I think what he said best describes me (and it's not good LOL).

"Ms. Yao, there are days when you're work is excellent.
But there are times when it's just not all there."
. . . welcome to my life. *sigh* and my photography *ugh*

Last June/July 2007 my daughter and I took a class with Mr. Jo Avila; he was also a professor of mine for a short period of time back in college. He gave a good class, however our attendance was cut short due to moms hospitalization. Anyway, our first assignment was to take photos of coke bottles. Here's the catch, NOT as coke bottles but some other creative way.

We met every saturdays, so I had a whole week to rack my brain for something cool to do. Initially I was going to submit the photo below. My yaya was so patient holding the swaddled Coke bottle :-)

Baby Mamam
F/14, 1/100, ISO 400

Then I had an A-HA moment !
Lots of them!

With a handful of pipe cleaners, some double adhesive, a willing model (my trusty 6-year old) and a grocery bag full of Coke and this is what I submitted in class.

F/3.5, 1/6, ISO 120

This was one of those good moments, except for the low ISO (Sir Jo suggested I notch up the ISO to 1600) when I finally had it together even for a short time.

I think photography is much like another love of mine, golf. Once you have that one good swing you're hooked. In photography, capturing one good shot just keeps you coming back for more even IF most of my shots were crap LOL


CraftFairy said...

Whehehehhehehe. I love these pics! great ideas!