Monday, May 19, 2008

Photo Wannabe

So Au has coaxed me to open my blog.

And so it's here, no bells or whistles like all the other blogs I've attempted to create.

Simple and clean.

For once I just want to take away the complicated.
In the words of McSteamy . . . "I've done complicated."

I am a wannabe.
A photo wannabe, who has bought every book that caught my eye, gone through the net in search of tips and tricks and whatnots . . . and i still can't get my shots right.


I get too excited when I see a good composition. I see it, but i hardly get to capture it to my dismay. Sometimes I forget to adjust my ISO and in the end, get grainy shots because it was too high. Or there are times, I though the composition, the lighting, everything made sense. An hour later, I realize it's just total crap.

I don't own a flash. I have seen Au and the magic it can do. And damn it! Now I want one :-( In the words of Jo Avila during one of his classes, maximize your camera before you start going off and buying stuff left and right. That way I would know what I need. So for now, I think i'll try and see how far I can go with every light source available. Is it evident that i'm just trying to convince myself?

So, on days when you're blog hopping or have nothing better to do, or there's a long line at the john drop me a comment or two.

I'm here to learn and hopefully some kind soul out there can give me his or her two cents. . . . And hopefully I can finally get my act together and stop being a wannabe :-)

Summer 2007
I was cleaning out my son's books and he was just playing in the middle of it all. He was so content with what he was doing, he didn't mind the endless camera clicks.

I'm a little bit wary of my focal point here. Often times after I've taken my shots, I look at it and ask myself what story does the it tell? If I can't answer that, which i often can't . . . it would have been another waste of megabytes. What do you think?

Canon EOS 400D , F/3.5 , 1/20 , ISO 800


December 9, 2007
Just another weekend hanging in the basketball court.

I couldn't get my lighting right, the late noon light was fading fast and I had wanted harsher source of light hitting his face. Not to mention the darn grains! I had wanted to capture as much light as I could I notched the ISO up to 1600.

Canon EOS 400D, F/4.0, 1/160, ISO 1600

Ako Naman

December 9, 2007
It's unusual for my kid to just sit and wait until the grown ups got tired of hogging the court.
Again, I would have loved to get a clearer shot of the background with the guys playing. I've been contemplating perhaps I should have composed this differently
. And *sigh* the high ISO. Obviously I have not mastered the ISO settings *double sigh*.

Canon EOS 400D, F/7.1, 1/60, ISO 1600


Au Lim said...

hahaha...pues pareho tayong mga wannabe...saya mag-explore sa wakas matapos ko rin buruhin ang camera ko for over a year...hehehe...

at sa totoo lang, hindi ko pa rin kabisado ng husto ang flash, nasasagasaan lang along the way yung mga settings. kaya sabi nga ni idol Maybs, basta, shoot lang ng shoot!

i like Seriously, ha...moody! nice comp too...looking forward to more of your kewl shots!

Alby said...

Hi Tin! I'm no expert but I hardly use ISO 1600. The higher the ISO, the grainier the photo. So I stick to 800 tops (or maybe 1200) and only in really dark conditions. In fact, when I was still using a film SLR, for landscape photos under clear skies, I used to buy ISO 50 films. Really sharp! With my DSLR, the lowest I have gone is 100. :D

CraftFairy said...

I don't think taking pictures, any pictures, kahit mali, is a waste of megabytes. I don't think also there is such thing as "mali" or "pangit" when it comes to taking pictures. For me, these are memories forever frozen in time. I'd treasure them kahit ano pa ang itsura.